Our Ball Gloves are made for a Serious Baseball Player.

We can confidently say our Ball Gloves are one of the Best Made Gloves in the World.

Every Glove is Meticulously Hand Made by our Glove Smiths.

Our Leathers are:
Premium Japanese Tanned Kip
Japanese Steer
US Top Grade Steer Hide.

Kronos Custom Gloves offers Players, Patterns and Designs that are made to match your hands.
We feel Our Patterns, Rival any Top Brands Patterns and Cuts of their Models.
Unlike other Small Custom Glove Companies, which use Standard Cookie Cutter Patterns and Designs.
We incorporate a Technology to our Gloves that makes the act of Catching a Ball, mimic the ease of catching it Bare Handed.

No Glove we make has Cosmetic or Gimmicky Materials in the Process of making your Glove.
All Materials used in our Gloves are of the Highest Quality.

When you create your Ball Glove with Kronos Custom Gloves.

You have many choices:
Throwing Hand, Leather Grades, Positions Specific Models, Sizes, Leather Colors, Name, Number, Team Logos, Countries Flag, even Font choices (Not just Script and Block)

Dominate the Field with a Kronos Ball Glove!

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